Sure, we get our fix catching the latest “dropped” video, or spying some newly posted Instagram post, but most of us alt. fashionistas are surely missing the usual summer spate of fantastic movies and their stunning array of cool costumes and latex wear. Alas, COVID-19 has shaken the snow globe on our lives in so many ways (and not getting a fix of latex accessories or fantastic costumes is undoubtedly a small world problem, we grant you!), still we need to muster our hope for what might coming to our theaters soon.

While Christopher Nolan’s much-talked-about fantastic spy thrilled Tenet will feed all rabid fans of high-minded sci-fi, it’s more movies like Black Widow (with a pushed-up release date presently of November 6th), and Wonder Woman 1984 (release date of October 2nd) for the cosplay hopeful. From the trailers of all of the above (and yes, even Tenet), it seems we will be treated to an eyeful.

There are also movies coming that don’t feature superheroes but still pack a distinct fantastic fashion punch. Street clothes of muted browns, tans, and certainly a wide variety of gang members’ leather jackets have been spied in articles on Steven Spielberg’s update of West Side Story. Set to hit theaters on December 18th, other stills revealed from Spielberg’s set capture the ladies of the movie dancing to the classic song “America” in their handmade long dresses with lush ruffles. Then there is the mix between modern-day haute couture and antebellum-era dresses seen in the spooky Antebellum trailer.

Seemingly, ‘being chosen’ in that film is not a good thing at all! 

And we can’t forget another telling of one of the granddaddy science fiction epics of all time, Dune. Hitting theaters the same day as West Side Story, director Denis Villeneuve’s take on the classic sees a reimaging of lots of the story’s iconic wardrobe. Once again from stills shown in articles on the movie and from its trailer, we see that this time around the infamous ‘stillsuits’ are a grey color with seeming padded armor attached. Given how many different characters the Dune story is populated with, the costuming here is sure to be as varied as it will be amazing.

We might have to wait longer than we expected or want for this new spate of movies, but from what we have seen in stills and from trailers of what’s coming, we will have lots to feast our eyes on.

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