Latex Costumes

Comes ‘round this time of year, we not only contemplate cosplay, sexy dress, and lingerie worn as outerwear but certainly how latex fits in (literally and figuratively) into what we might come to wear on the 31st. 

And, as always, we have lots of options.

It might be hard to recreate wardrobe pieces from this year’s popular movies like Top Gun: Maverick or Elvis (although nobody will damn you for donning all black leather as Elvis did on his “’68 Comeback Special”). Still, superheroes were as popular as ever in the films released in 2022. And while it’s true these costumes have always been pretty much the nuts-and-bolts of cosplay, lucky for us all, lots of these looks can be created from the most basic latex item or completed with a latex accessory or two. Surely, you can search online for Halloween superhero costumes made from various materials, but the authenticity of these items run the gambit. Be you Spider-Man, Harley Quinn, or wanting to dress like Zoë Kravitz’s version of Catwoman, creating your costume around a latex couture base or made entirely from our favorite textile will set you on your way.

You could try to wiggle and stretch into some white latex and create your own Wordle costume (yes, the viral online daily puzzle game has as much broken wide as a popular hit as it has inspired a ‘sexy’ Yandy costume). But specific items like the always versatile latex cape will not only give you some protection from the elements (if trick-or-treating in colder fall climates) but are easy to mix and match and add to if you have a “House of the Dragon” look in mind. And indeed, a latex corset or the ubiquitous basic latex bodysuit is pretty much a go-to item when considering latex and Halloween.

Don’t forget latex accessories like gloves, hats, collars, stockings, knee highs, and masks. Or if you feel truly daring, why not just buy some latex pasties, and out you go!

Happiest of Halloween to all.

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