trending costumes for Halloween 2021

Latex prosthetics, leather masks, superhero capes, PVC accessories. No, it’s not a high-end fetish fashion show. Here come the trending costumes for Halloween 2021!

As we all saw last year, and with good reason, masks were ever so popular in Halloween dress-up. Indeed plenty of costumes we will see out and about will be those accessorized with a mask, but according to sites like Google Trends, plenty this year will be worn without. As usual, shows, movies, and gaming certainly influence costume choices (as does TikTok this year more than ever). And Google and pretty much everywhere else, predict many young girls and ladies both will be taking to the streets dressed as Wanda Maximoff. Wanda’s Halloween costume from WandaVision happens to be her original Scarlet Witch costume, so that works out well.

One could also choose from the various Loki Variants that we’ve seen recently. Dressing as the classic Tom Hiddleston Loki, you are sure to sport a horned helmet. But one can also choose to be a crocodile when channeling this character.

Although not of the Marvelverse, there seems to be a spike in the Regency-era wardrobe, with fans of “Bridgeton” also wanting to make themselves known this all hallows. Plenty of people, kids and adults alike, are also dressing like the many characters from the super-popular “Squid Game” Netflix series. 

With another movie trotted out in the Halloween franchise (Halloween Kills), Michael Meyers is still the boogie man many want to emulate. And with his new T.V. series, everybody’s favorite killer doll, “Chucky,” is once again trending.

And from a post she managed just two days ago, Megan Thee Stallion will undoubtedly increase the number of people dressing as “Pinhead” from the Hellraiser series. The “Pop It,” singer posted photos of herself on Instagram dressed in bald cap, her head sporting a grid of nails and in goth makeup. Her twist on the character is stunning and sexy.

One of the ways Google Trends considers what is hot and not in costume trending, is that they split up buying by region of the country. Here is a brief listing of costumes popularity in relation to some U.S. cities: 

  • Los Angeles and Phoenix – Cruella De Vil
  • Washington D.C., New York City, and Chicago – Spider-Man
  • Miami – Fairy

And if you don’t want to take your everyday interest in cosplay out this year, one could always go trick or treating as a big bottle of Hand Sanitizer.

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