Lizzo: From 3D to Nothing Much At All

We have seen Lizzo in a wide variety of wardrobe choices, from a pink latex lace-fronted jumpsuit to curve-hugging tops and jeans and an array of sexy lingerie mix and matching. But, so far in this Halloween month, she gave the blog o’ sphere and her fans two drastically different looks and one specifically interesting to any of us interested in the future of fashion.

Firstly, there was no ignoring the “Truth Hurts” singer as she walked into Cardi B’s 29th birthday celebrations held last week. For this big party in L.A., Lizzo wore a sheer purple gown made of a sparkly mesh. Under the ensemble, she wore briefs and nipple pasties.

But more interesting to us specifically was the Thom Browne gown Lizzo showed off on an Instagram video this week. The floral floor-length cape-dress rendered with shades of gray, accessorized with a headpiece, is part of Browne’s spring ’22 collection, and Lizzo can be seen in the ensemble, walking down a few steps, across her driveway and to her obvious ride for the evening.

This gown is rendered from a 3D design.

Indeed, 3D design has been used across so many kinds of industries for years. And one could argue that the pandemic has caused an uptick in just what is being developed and the speed at which it is being developed. But for the world of fashion, 3D tools and spatial computing, in general, are helping with design and manufacturing in ways even the most far-thinking futurists could never have predicted.

Yes, see-thru and sheer designs have been making their slow infiltration into mainstream fashion culture for decades. We won’t soon see any of our modern-day divas stop wearing nude dresses anytime soon. But as is evidenced from what Lizzo managed to wear in just the past weeks, there is so much to choose from where fashion is concerned presently, and undoubtedly so much more coming.

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