Playing Dress-Up With the #hollywoodathomechallenge

And yet another way to beat the stay-at-home blues, beyond managing a round of cleaning and caring for your latex outfits (see here).

Have you get seen the #hollywoodathomechallenge? It seems people are taking to their Twitter and Instagram accounts to show off recreations of iconic celebrity looks, poses, and movie-screen captures. All it requires is picking a photograph of a Hollywood icon you like (or think you resemble) and with home-found make-up, wardrobe and doing-it-yourself hair styling, recreating, best you can, a picture of you dressed and made-up like that celebrity and, uploading it side by side, with the original picture of that celebrity.

On the twitter feed, you will as much see some spot-on recreations as some creative ‘interpretations,’ as even some comic and cosplay attempts. The challenge is yet another way people having fun with one another in the best (and only) way they can during the pandemic.

(If your creativeness leans to drawing, you might spin on over to good old Mr. Skin and try his #MrSkinChallenge. The self-proclaimed expert on the naughty bits of film describes his newest contest as Mr. Skin wants to increase your (stimulus) package! Enter our #MrSkinChallenge by drawing YOUR favorite nude scene or iconic celeb moment, and you could win $1200. See here for details) 

Far be it for us to say how you should be spending your time.

Dressing and styling yourself like your favorite Hollywood icon, managing yet another jigsaw puzzle, just staying as healthy as you can, we realize we’ve been relating some of the same kind of blog subjects of late. But coming, we hope, to more the end of the Coronavirus pandemic than at its beginning, we wish for everyone to say health in body, mind, and spirit. 

Take to your Twitter accounts and online ‘challenges,’ as you see fit.

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