Aura Tout Vu & LELO

Even though latex couture has more than infiltrated the mainstream culture, this textile we love so much will, in some ways, always be synonymous with a particular fetish aesthetic. Sure, latex fuels so much cosplay and lots of alternative fashion right along sight PVC, leather, and rubber. But nobody can deny how sexy latex is as much wear, touch, and look at, and how so many outfits and accessories of the fetish world are made of it.

It’s this ‘background’ we all either share in or at least acknowledge that makes it particularly fun for Dawnamatrix when we see the marriage of some haute couture with something of an undeniably ‘adult’ nature…and this time there is no latex in sight!

Pleasure product brand LELO has teamed up with haute couture designer Aura Tout Vu to create a new collection. What the marriage here has produced are reimagining-s of some of the LELO line, plus accessories of encrusted jeweled bags and clutches to hold their more popular products, where shoppers can “hide your most intimate secrets.”

The LELO x On Aura Tout Vu collaboration recently premiered in Paris, and down the runway, seven new designs were unveiled. These included LELO’s “Ora 3,” now adorned with crystals and gold-plated cabochons. It comes with a matching handbag to discreetly fit its shape. In addition, the brand’s “Sila” is now tickled with gold-plated cabochons and sparkling crystals—it also comes with a new bejeweled clutch—and the “Icing on the cake,” a new version of LELO’s every popular “Smart Wand 2,” body massager. It now has a new custom-made leather case, also adorned with crystals, gold plated cabochons and sparkling spikes.

Designers Yassen Samouilov and Livia Stoyanova at On Aura Tour Vu have spearheaded the couture fashion house since the end of the ’90s. With this new collaboration with LELO, they have brought their brand forward over and beyond what they already do in ready-to-wear clothes, accessories, and perfumery, as much as with stage costumes and scenography.

As you will see here, there is no denying the uniqueness and sexiness of the On Aura Tour Vu with LELO.

Photo Credit: GIOSTIANO

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