Jennifer Lopez adds 95 Pounds To Get Married

It’s never too early to be thinking about your latex wedding dress. Whether you’re picking from our catalog (see here) or ordering a bespoke creation, before you know it, your wedding day will be upon you, and you’re sure to be hit with a score of things that need attending; things which even your best-paid and best-laid plans could never have prepared you.

Why worry last minute, or at all, about your dress?

Just this week, stories began to appear about the wedding dress Jennifer Lopez wears in her new film Marry Me. Although not latex, and surely a Hollywood concoction far from what a bride would ever come to Dawnamatrix for, when Lopez’s “Kat,” of the film, plans to marry her singer husband-to-be “Bastian,” played by singer Maluma, it’s a metallic rose-blushed gold Zuhair Murad bridal gown, weighing 95-pounds (just for the record, none of our latex gowns even come close to weighing this much!) she takes to.

The film’s costume designer Caroline Duncan plucked the dress, made of nine layers of taffeta, horsehair, and tulle, with its crystals, silver, and lace, right off the runway. It took five people to just get the dress to Lopez and a whole other bunch to get the star in and out of it.

But it at least had “volume,” Duncan declared.

As we have noted on many occasions here and from what we have told plenty of brides who’ve come to us for their gowns, these days wedding gowns are made from just about any material, feature a wide variety of color (not just white), and come in many different styles. And with more and more ladies designing their gowns (and plenty of them rendering them as well), what we see across the swatch of modern weddings is a fantastic variety of nuptial couture.

Be they 95 pounds or not.

Still, it is best to order early.

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