Halloween Costumes, 2022

Delving into this and this listing of Halloween costume trends for 2022, surely we’re always looking for latex outfits, cosplay imaginings, and anything else that presents an alternative to the typical witch or caveman. And while it’s no surprise that hit shows like “Stranger Things,” or “Game of Thrones” prequel “House of the Dragon” are showing an uptick for costume wearers, or Elvis or “Top Gun” costumes are making the lists, considering the recent movies on both, there are still some surprises in what’s trending.

Making the just-dropped Pinterest top ten, couture seen on singer Avril Lavigne is showing a Halloween uptick, making the #7 spot in popularity. A decided interest in the cotton-candy couture colors that Barbie usually wears has also an increase in attention this year in anticipation of the movie of the same name coming in July next year, starring Margot Robbie as the main doll.

And two of the stage costumes seen at Coachella 2022—Harry Styles’ pink feathered jacket and fuchsia-colored coat and pants and Megan Thee Stallion’s emerald-plated bodysuit—are also said to be topping the list of All Hallows costume possibilities.

From our collection, latex accessories like our Drape Sleeves, a classic latex Cape, and Gear Pasties (if you are feeling very daring for Oct. 31st), could also serve your costumes well.

As much as what we all might take to wear for trick-or-treat dressing up, there is the usual yearly (at least since 2001) conjecture over what Heidi Klum might look like at her annual Halloween Party. Dressing as Jessica Rabbit one year, a scary all-too-realistic cadaver another, and Princess Fiona, the supermodel has never been afraid to undergo long hours of application, makeup and attention, all which she usually documents and posts online. Speaking to People magazine last month, Klum indicated that once again, her transformation will include a goodly amount of prosthetics, something she has often worn for her costumes.  

“I don’t think I’ve ever felt as claustrophobic as I will feel that night,” she hinted for this year’s look.

Whatever might she be wearing?

Whatever what will you be?

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