Kim Kardashian Is On Fire

It’s been quite some time since we had a good Kim-Kardashian-out-and-about-in-a-hot-latex-outfit story. But give her time, and the super famous reality star always comes through for those of us who are her fans, lovers of latex or both.

Ashanti Breaks Paper

Although they have yet to have any of their celebs wear any real latex wardrobe in their effort to ‘Break the Internet,’ this month Paper Magazine is featuring Ashanti in some stunning couture. In the “Ashanti Comes Full Circle” piece, writer Michael Love Michael with photographer Alexei Hay, give the world an updated look (and …

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Kylie In Latex…Again

Last week Kylie Jenner stepped out in West Hollywood in a skin tight latex dress. The tightness of the ensemble was most noted—reporter Lauren Adhav in a Cosmopolitan piece claims it was the tightest latex dress she has ever seen—but as we all know, just about squeezing into our alternate wardrobe pieces is so the point, and such the tactile delight, of wearing what we wear.

Gen Z yellow trend

But speaking of color choices and fashion, an overall top 2018 summer color choice has just been named. Yellow has been crowned the ‘new millennial pink’, touted as the color of choice for such fashion trenders like Meghan Markle, Kim Kardashian, and Amal Clooney (who wore a stunning yellow Stella McCartney to Meghan’s wedding) and host of other high-profile, fashion-influencing women.

Exploring every’thing’ at the Museum der Dinge

Especially for us lovers of a particular type of textile art, we are in tune that there is rich and beautiful eroticism in the world around us. Championing this cause is a current museum exhibition in Germany, at Berlin’s Museum der Dinge, called “The Eroticism Of Things” (Erotik der Dinge).

The Markle Effect Continues

Red carpet photo ops at celebrity events and televised Hollywood award shows are certainly perfect opportunities for designers to show their latest across the bodies of our greatest. But nothing seems to effect the world like a royal lady.

Fashion Friendly Ocean’s 8

In the previous teasers and posted snapped shots from the production of the upcoming Ocean’s 8 movie, we have seen so much fashion. Not simply cinema wardrobe but the band of merry (all women) thieves in this movie are fashionably appointed and the plot is set right in the middle of the fashion universe; the ladies manage their main heist at the Met Gala. As reported so far, the haute couture cameos in this movie are plenty. Kim Kardashian was spotted on set wearing a sheer white Givenchy, her sister Kendall Jenner in Elie Saab, Kylie Jenner in a velour tracksuit, and Alexander Wang, Tommy Hilfiger and Anna Wintour all set to make appearances as well.

Minaj À Trois Breaks The Internet

Seeing that Kim Kardashian didn’t break anything on her own cover of this same magazine three years ago, Nicki Minaj will probably not break anything either. But boy is the lady always upping the ante on what she might do and how she comes to wear latex and other alternate fashions to pretty much make our day.

Heidi Klum Thrills For Halloween

Once again though celebrities seemingly out did us all…or just got lots of press and Instagram pictures over what they wore. Kim Kardashian managed to pull off a spot-on Cher, and daytime talk show host Wendy Williams dressed as the Statue of Liberty (and fainted live on her show overcome by the heat of the costume). But Heidi Klum out-celeb-ed her fellows, as she seems to do every year, in a perfect recreation of an iconic get-up.

Kim Kardashian Is Not There

Just this week in New York City Kim was seen stepping around town in a see-thru bra, a PABLO denim jacket-coming from her husband’s current tour/album swag- and transparent plastic high heel boots from his just revealed “Yeezy 4” collection. (Kanye just gave a big show at Roosevelt Park in New York City during New York Fashion Week to launch that collection.)

Kim Kardashian Wants Dawnamatrix…and We Want Her Right Back

The continued championing of alternative wardrobe pieces and avant-garde style accessories keeps brands like Dawnamatrix to the forefront of modern fashion. Celebs wearing our wares, even just a mention from a Kim Kardashian, is some of the very best advertising we could ever hope for. These moments for us specifically, married with the upward trajectory general mainstreaming of latex in the past few years-from reported cosplay wear to celebs like Kim strutting in bodysuits across red carpets, to styles seen in “American Horror Story”-has truly made latex so popular.

A Fashion Week Make Us All Weak

True to her usually news-making wily ways-and giving all us fetish wardrobe wearers a warm feeling while looking at all the mainstream high couture-good old internet breaker Kim Kardashian stepped out during Paris Fashion Week sporting platinum blonde locks, and on one day a strapp-y see thru cage-of-a-dress, on another, latex leggings (with a fur jacket). As we have noted before, Kim seems to be championing the fantasy styles we all love (we have latex leggings here: ) and regardless of how one feels about the curvy lass, one has to applaud her very left-of-mainstream fashion choices.

Black Color Fashion

This past week American fashion seems to be have run ‘in the black’…good and bad. Jennifer Aniston donned the classic LBD at the People Magazine Awards in L.A and was applauded for her fashion sense (and figure) in blog-o-sphere headlines and online pictures. While Kim Kardashian blasted her mom Kris Jenner for wearing her signature black, what the Kim called “Omish sh—t” outfits of late (she probably meant Amish, right?).

Kathy Griffin Has Your Latex

Not that we’ll see a dominance of latex couture crossing such a mainstream pop show, but one has to wonder if Kathy Griffin actually takes the hosting job of E’s Fashion Police, how things might change? Griffin has been hinting to a few entertainment outlets that she might indeed take over for the recently dearly departed Joan Rivers on the infamous fashion call-out celeb show.

Heidi Klum Spreads Her Butterfly Wings

Klum’s annual bash, this year presented at Tao Nightclub on Halloween night, is a must-be-seen-scene. Completely covering herself in blue and green, Klum sported an impressive semi-opaque wing span and antennas for this once-a-year bash that always seems to make the big blogs’ lists. And while 2014’s All Hallows saw Kim Kardashian sporting a body suit with a skeleton design rendered across it (reminding us of our own Cthulhu Catsuit), Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady headed out with their kids as a dragon family and Katy Pery managed to step out as a rather unimpressive Cheeto®, when it comes to celebs dressing as butterflies this year we were particularly interested. Butterfly’s lighted on our new Space and Time Collection, represented in a new bodysuit, corset, skirt and vest. It’s a style that interests more than just supermodels for Halloween.