Kim Kardashian Is Not There

kimWe all know how masks, gloves, a wrap or a clutch even can add so much to our latex couture look. But one could argue the high end of wardrobe accessorizing comes with considerations of one’s footwear. And Kim Kardashian seems to have just gone us all one better in that department.

Just this week in New York City Kim was seen stepping around town in a see-thru  bra, a PABLO denim jacket-coming from her husband’s current tour/album swag- and transparent plastic high heel boots from his just revealed “Yeezy 4” collection. (Kanye just gave a big fashion exhibition show at Roosevelt Park in New York City during New York Fashion Week to launch that collection.)

Sporting a Lucite heel, with the rest of the boots made of Perspex, and a nude zipper up its back, Kim’s boots were as startling as they were sexy. Whether or not this look can compete with the Yeezy Adidas sneaker line is yet to be seen, but for pure must-see celebrity fashion these boots got as much attention as Kim unconsciously flashing herself in that see-thru bra.

Yes, trying to keep track of weekly Instagram pics of K.K., her baby, Kanye is a full-time job for some. And yes, we have all seen plenty of the reality star lady that we probably ever wish to admit. But of all the clothes Kim has ever worn to show off her copious curves or naked body parts, these ‘not there’ boots certainly made a stir, even in the face of all that was happening in the West family, and in fashion, this week.

For those of us of the latex wardrobe minded, wanting to look neat and sexy, certainly being seen in our straight leg trousers or corsets is what’s most important. But are Kim Kardashian, and by extension Kanye and Yeezy, giving us an alternative in what we step out in for with a ‘there is not there’ look?

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