From Comic To Screen with Stuart Urban

preachingHow could we not champion such an important work, full of fetish scenes, latex clothing, daring do…and its possible sequel? It’s not often we get a good truthful account of what some of us are into, how we live our lives, why the clothes we wear and the actions we perform inform what we do. But sometimes we get lucky when the story is told right.

Stuart Urban has begun a Kickstarter campaign (see here) to complete the sequel to his seminal film about the London fetish world, Preaching To The Perverted. The 2nd airing/update will first appear as a graphic novel, which will make real, in comic form, the story of Tortured In The Orchard which will indeed be the title of the sequel to Preaching.

We all know how popular “Fifty Shades of Grey” was (like it or not) and through the pages of a graphic novel (and Tortured In the Orchard will probably end up being quite graphic indeed!) Urban will be able to explore his most interesting ideas, continuing his story these many years later. Lots has changed in the scene since Preaching, from the widening of social media’s influence, the mainstreaming of our haute couture from corsets to catsuits (for men and women both), to lots of ill-informed layman’s accounts of cosplay and master/slave dynamics. It’s anybody’s guess what Urban will come up with on this test drive to the movie. But at least in his hands things will get a truthful airing.

Preaching To The Perverted enjoyed a revival three years ago when a Kickstarter campaign produced a high def version of the movie, so Urban knows the power of kickstarter for sure. He also knows to offer Tortured In The Orchard in all forms, digital, paperback and hardcover, contingent upon a kickstarter contributor’s monetary commitment.

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