And Who Said New York Fashion Week Couldn’t Get Downright Weird…In A Good Way

hatAnd who said New York Fashion Week couldn’t get weird, ‘alternative,’ even feature some latex accessories? Just when we were all about to assume what we’d get with another NSFW; controversy over sponsors coming and going, the constant rush of a celebrity see-to-be-seen scene, the display of outfits and accessories most laypeople couldn’t even afford and as much good and bad opinions about Kanye’s Yeezy 4 show, a handful of designers presented stuff we simply can’t ignore.

As should be apparent, no matter what one feels about these fashion exhibitions, you can’t land your opinion only at the doorstep of just New York’s Fashion Week. When it comes to mainstream designers showing their haute couture Milan, Paris, London and many more cities set up runways, paparazzi coverage goes mad and viral coverage explodes as much everywhere else as it does in The Big Apple. And we are sure to see more ‘interesting’ approaches to fashion as the year progresses and fashion weeks open in these various cities.

But here’s what New York Fashion Week presented us with:

  • VFiles models walked down the runway in umbrella-like hats and plastic bag dresses.
  • Chromat revealed a look of black straps over a high-waisted panty two-piece.
  • Namilia did us all proud with two latex-hooded models, one a see-thru hood matching a latex top of the same thin vanilla and a second model in a thicker white hood (sporting a shocking braid out the top). Another model wore an open shirt, chains across her bared breasts attached to a collar with the ubiquitous black X’s in tape across her nipples.
  • Jeremy Scott went all sequined color, with asymmetrical 80’s-influenced lines as much in tops as eyewear and wigs.

Bared cleavages, striking colors, all this and more we have seen plenty at various fashion weeks across the globe. But the hoods this year were something not usually seen, and an umbrella hat does give one pause for sure…all in a good way.