Kylie In Latex…Again

How much latex might one woman wear? The answer, in Kylie Jenner’s case… well, quite a lot.

Last week Kylie Jenner stepped out in West Hollywood in a skin tight latex dress. The tightness of the ensemble was most noted—reporter Lauren Adhav in a Cosmopolitan piece claims it was the tightest latex dress she has ever seen—but as we all know, just about squeezing into our alternate wardrobe pieces is so the point, and such the tactile delight, of wearing what we wear. We might recall just recently this same famous K.J. out at an Adidas Originals event (she collaborated with the brand) wearing a strapless black and white checkered latex dress, and another time just recently when Kylie matched a crop top with hot-pink latex pants.

Adhav and others noted that this most recent dress Kylie wore was quite similar to a dress Kim Kardashian wore in 2015. Mostly all the Kardashian-Jenner ladies have done very well showing off the textile art and just downright sexiness of that material we all love above most others. And by any guess, we assume the reality-T.V.-super-model-successful-businesswomen of the clan, will continue to make us latex lovers proud.

We all followed Kylie well in Interview magazine (in our next blog we will explore the relaunching of Interview) posing in homage to the infamous Hatstand, Table, and Chair sculpture pieces by Allen Jones. In the pictorial that was featured with the article Kylie not only sported some fantastic latex couture, some of what she wore was Dawnamatrix latex couture (go here for a refresher on that shoot.) We are still so thrilled that Kylie wore our Dawnamatrix socks, harness ,cheeky skirt, gloves and collar in those fantastic pictures by Steven Klein, styled by Karl Templer.

Any minute now, tomorrow, certainly by next week trend influenc-er and superstar Kylie Jenner will step out in something else we will all be remarking over…and wishing we could wear.

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