Dawnamatrix, Kylie Jenner and Interview Magazine pay homage to Hatstand, Table, and Chair

IMG_3577When you have Kylie Jenner in assless chaps, posing in pictures that pay homage to Hatstand, Table, and Chair by Allen Jones, appearing in Andy Warhol’s “Interview Magazine” expect something special. That we contributed latex clothing to the above new photo collage appearing in the December 2015 issue of the famous magazine, the happenstance feels downright surreal.

Surely the pictures from Kim K’s “Paper Magazine” shoot ‘broke’ like wildfire across the net, but her half sister is breaking big herself posing in these pics from the just released double issue of “Interview.” In what would wet any fetish fashionista’s whistle Kylie poses in various pieces from our sexy latex couture collection; we provided socks, a harness, ‘cheeky skirt,’ gloves, and collar for the photos shot by Steven Klein and styled by Karl Templer.Interview Magazine December 2015 Cover

Photos of Kylie Jenner posing in bondage gear, lying in a box, being held in a rigid ‘chair like’ pose, certainly pay homage to Allen Jones’ infamous Hatstand, Table and Chair trio of erotic sculptures. As with lots that tickles our more prurient sensibilities (even if it be high art) Jones’ pieces were met with harsh criticism when exhibited in 1970-lots of feminists simply did not take well to women being portrayed as furniture-but have come to be regarded as a high water mark of 60’s expression. Jones was even contacted by Stanley Kubrick at the time to contribute similar pieces to Kubrick’s soon-to-be-completed A Clockwork Orange (a high water mark for movie fans and fetishists both) but when no payment was offered Jones demurred, instead giving the famous director permission to expand on Hatstand, Table and Chair’s concept in his own Kubrick-ian furniture for the Korova Milk Bar scene in “Clockwork.”Interview_Kylie_jenner_Latex_Dawnamatrix5

2MMlRwmV1skaMKP6WWiw-fSokRM8jeUO4YTX6Ax0t_W3lvNNxD40XdtzUtc-wXifeAFEEg=s190As you can assume we are thrilled to have been part of the photos of Kylie Jenner in “Interview Magazine,” as much for contributing to such an obvious homage to a great erotic work, to have our couture appear in a new issue of such an iconic magazine, as to have dressed one of the most famous models of our day.




See the full article at https://www.interviewmagazine.com/culture/kylie-jenner

Styled by ‪Karl Templer‬
Photography by Steven Klein
Hair by Garren New York
Make up by Mark Carrasquillo
Nails by ‪Yuko Tsuchihashi‬


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