Interview Magazine Redux

Certainly it has as much revealed models and celebs in latex couture as run the most provocative reporting. Since begun that tumultuous last year of the 60’s by Andy Warhol, Interview magazine has seen artists of every stripe, age, ethnicity and gender grace its cover and give forth in it pages. As Warhol managed with his art, his magazine skirted the trendy as much as the serious, from politics to visual art to film to literature. And despite some financial troubles of late—some seemingly still not completely resolved—the paper magazine beloved by so many is relaunching with a September issue.

French New Wave director, 90-year-old Oscar-winner Agnès Varda, graces the relaunched magazine’s cover. Seven decades ago she appeared on the very first cover of the magazine. Inside this issue Raf Simons, George Condo, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Kerry Washington and actresses and besties, Jennifer Jason Leigh & Phoebe Cates are featured.

In this day and age of the constant refrain “Print Is Dead” the resurrection of any actual print periodical, even those on the stands trying to weather their decline, certainly is welcomed by those of us who like our pictures big, bright and in print. Not that anyone interested in wardrobe design or photography in general wouldn’t just love what we come across digitally these days, but when one considers the haute couture often shown in Interview, even its more controversial pictorials, it’s nice to be able to enjoy these visual feasts in one’s hands, across a large canvas.

Hopefully Interview will be around a long time. Personally for Dawnamatrix, we have seen our wares in the famous magazine four times (three times in the American version, once in the German…see here). Maybe there will be room for us in a new issue soon?

Whatever the case may be, we wish Interview a happy relaunching.

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