Kim Kardashian Wants Dawnamatrix…and We Want Her Right Back

image1When Kim Kardashian makes mention of/wears a latex fashion design, we definitely take notice; when that latex clothing is yours, you can’t help but stand-up and shout! On Kim’s website under her Style section she mentions going off to London to get fitted for latex outfits and in the listing of the designers she considers for her wishlist, lo and behold our Sleeveless Body Suit made her top picks.

Now how’s that for a pretty neat ‘shout out’ from one of the world’s most recognizable personalities?

As Kanye’s wife mentions in the intro to the page on her site she titled Latex Vibes, “Latex has to be so exact and fit perfectly. You need lubricant to put it on. It’s a crazy feeling but looks sooooo good!” As all of us who wear our favorite fantasy couture are well aware yes, it does often times take some writhing and even sometimes a fair amount of lube to wiggle into those pieces we adore. But wearing latex does look so good and makes one feel so sexy, as Kim attests.

The continued championing of alternative wardrobe pieces and avantgarde style accessories keeps brands like Dawnamatrix to the forefront of modern fashion. Celebs wearing our wares, even just a mention from a Kim Kardashian, is some of the very best advertising we could ever hope for. These moments for us specifically, married with the upward trajectory general mainstreaming of latex in the past few years-from reported cosplay wear, to celebs like Kim strutting in bodysuits across red carpets, to styles seen in “American Horror Story”-has truly made latex so popular.

And as wearers as well as makers of this ‘stuff’ we couldn’t be happier

Having outfitted her half-sister Kylie in Interview magazine, and mentioned on her website now, really Kim just give us a call. We’ll slip you into something wonderfully sexy indeed.

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