A Fashion Week Make Us All Weak

ClassicLeggingsMain11-368x552Not that many of us make the pilgrimage-and really, there’s still not enough latex at the shows anyway-but it’s hard for even the most uninterested fetish fashion conscious man or woman not to notice Paris, New York, London and Milan’s Fashion “Weeks.” All the major designers come out, controversies seem to pop-up regularly and there are more celebs at each city’s shows then you can shake a selfie at. And between famous babies crying, or the gossip over who showed for what party, big time designers battle for attention with rappers and reality stars, and the blog o’ sphere benefits.

True to her usually news-making wily ways-and giving all us fetish wardrobe wearers a warm feeling while looking at all the mainstream high couture-good old internet breaker Kim Kardashian stepped out during Paris Fashion Week sporting platinum blonde locks, and on one day a strapp-y see thru cage-of-a-dress, on another, latex leggings (with a fur jacket). As we have noted before, Kim seems to be championing the fantasy styles we all love (see just the bunch of latex leggings we have here) and regardless of how one feels about the curvy lass, one has to applaud her very left-of-mainstream fashion choices.

Certainly, we know ladies like Kim Kardashian dress (and undress) as much to make a statement as they do because they really feel comfortable sporting latex, leather or PVC.

“Je t’aime mon amour,” Ms. West wrote on her Instagram account showing off the back of her bra in a see-thru mesh shirt while watching hubby Kayne perform (see pic attached) just this week. Not one to miss a photo opp-even if it is she herself doing the ‘opping’-it seems at almost every Fashion Week-and almost every day-we get a new pic of Kim and her sisters (sisters for real or just sisters in celebrity) wearing something interesting…if not downright naughty. The above mentioned black strap ensemble was a bondage-lover’s fashion delight, and sporting shocking white hair truly makes the statement of the day.imgres

These famous fashion weeks round the world might make news, but we spot lots of fetish couture also at the showings when it rears itself on models, from designers or most notably from our world infamous celebs.


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