Game of Thrones Takes Over The World: Fantasy Couture Lovers Rejoice

thrones12f-1-webOur favorite medieval romp returns in a little less than a month when Game of Thrones comes back to H.B.O. on 4/12 at 9pm est. This time H.B.O. is planning world domination with the super popular show by airing it simultaneously in over one hundred and seventy countries. H.B.O. also premiers its new streaming service HBO Now (obviously NetFlix has them worried) on the heels for the “GoT” premier. And why do we care here at Dawnamatrix?

We dare you to presently find a show that is so full of the sweat, smell and clutch and grab of costume play that we all salivate over. Yes the blood, guts and sex are hot (see this new trailer for season 5) but gold masks, capes, whips, sword play, Diana Rigg (Miss Sexy one-piece outfit who started it all!) how can you beat this show?

According to pictures from Entertainment Weekly and what seems to be confirmed in the various trailers, Arya Stark has a new look-new costume and hair style-seeing as she is not so much on the run anymore. And we get great views of the Sand Snakes in their open cleavage bodices trimmed with leather, dark brown tunics, ready-for-action-wear (it makes us dream of… This is the one show the fans consistently come to complimenting its attention to detail and how, in very many ways it betters the sprawling multi-editor voice apparent in  books. The sets, those costumes, the acting, is truly top notch and what has made this the only ‘game in town.’

For fans-latex lovers and just regular everyday Joe’s and Jill’s-the heat of GoT comes as much from breathing dragon as it does how exactly this fantasy mash-up creates such a deliciously outfitted world, time and again for consistent thrills.

We will be watching come April, will you?diana-riggs

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