Gen Z yellow trend

Surely, the common misconception among those who don’t wear latex couture is that those of us who do are getting out and about in only shiny black Hakama Pants or a Under Bust Bra (and sometimes wearing both at the same time). But we know different, that there are a plethora of colors to choose from, one only has to have a look across Dawnamatrix Designs’ latex color choices page to see what’s available. (Not that there is ever anything wrong dressing in basic black.) But speaking of color choices and fashion, an overall top 2018 summer color choice has just been named. Yellow has been crowned the ‘new millennial pink’, touted as the color of choice for such fashion trenders like Meghan Markle, Kim Kardashian, and Amal Clooney (who wore a stunning yellow Stella McCartney to Meghan’s wedding) and host of other high-profile, fashion-influencing women.

In-the-know mainstream fashionistas first considered yellow’s popularity two years ago with the release of Beyoncé’s Lemonade album. Among other notable haute couture touchstone’s to Miss Bey’s choices at that time, working with her stylist Marni Senofonte, the lady used lots of gold (and gold=yellow) in what she was seen in. And there was no denying the influence (sale-ability) of the the startling ruffle twirl Roberto Cavalli pleated dress that Beyoncé wore in her popular “Hold Up” video released at the time.

“Gen Z yellow trend” is what all this glitters-is-gold popularity is called. Stylist magazine in the UK, just devoted this week’s issue to the color (their writers call it “Lemon Fizz”).

Being in the bespoke business as well as selling wardrobe the way you find it on our website, we have always been striving to find material, texture and yes, color to fit the wide variety of possibilities of what people might want. And while yellow might indeed be the color for the summer, the year, even for the next few years, we enjoy the infinite possibility in textile art to present whatever any of us can next think up.

Hooray this summer for yellow.

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