Social Distancing Won’t Stop Alternative Couture Stepping Out…& Posting

Even during these social distancing days, celebrities are flashing latex dresses, sky-high heels, PVC couture, or leather. It’s not that we catch every post or video, but here’s some of what flittered by our notice last week to satiate our sartorial splendor.

Titled the “Icy Park” collection, the third salvo-across-the-bow of Ivy Park’s collaboration with Adidas saw Beyoncé advertising across her Instagram wearing some supple latex couture. In a bustier-style brown latex bodysuit, Miss Bey accessorized with equally brown shiny thigh-high boots. In other posts, she’s accessorizing with fuzzy hats, plush gloves, and scarfs marking the colder weather. But it was that creamy latex we noticed most. Hoping to inspire “creativity, individuality and imagination,” you can spy even more couture in this new video.

Michael B. Jordan’s girlfriend, model Lori Harvey stepped out for her man’s birthday last week in high style. The super sexy Saint Laurent cross-front, backless dress she wore was formed with a liquid leather finish. Liquid cool midnight black, with a long piece off the neck dangling down her sexy back and a perfect slit at the bottom, this vintage YSL dress spoke high haute couture volumes.  

As she rarely does, Kim Kardashian did not disappoint with what she recently stepped out in to visit a friend in L.A. Although the very last season of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” is upon us, Kim has not lost any of her style. She was seen in a cherry button-down collared blouse that sported copious cutouts, which she tucked into high-rise leather pants.

And far away from smart or sexy styling, but indeed a story that lit the blog o’sphere and should come as a cautionary tale (although we know our readers wouldn’t actually ever give this a try)….

In wanting desperately to keep her ponytail, Louisiana native Tessica Brown resorted to a drastic application; she used Gorilla Glue as hairspray. After a month of her hair not moving (no surprise there), she finally sought help (Gorilla Glue actually sent a suggestion after Tessica threw desperate posts across the web for help), checking herself into a hospital. Her ponytail was cut off, and Tessica is healing nicely.

Of course, as things happen these days, even in our new normal, Brown landed a full-time agent.

Not only celebrity alt. style sparks the news…and our attention.

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