Providing Latex Wardrobe for Ingrid Chavez’s “Justify My Love,” lyric video

We proudly (and pretty much try humbly to) boast of providing latex wardrobe and accessories for photo shoots, runway gatherings, movies, and TV. Shows. It’s also fun when we get to be involved in music videos. You can see a good range of Dawnamatrix Designs in the new Ingrid Chavez lyric video of her remake of Madonna’s “Justify My Love.”

As you will see in the super sexy video, Chavez’s celebration of the 30th anniversary of Madonna’s #1 hit is perfectly updated and sinfully sexy. She has teamed up with Danish producer/multi-musician Mashti and German producer/musician Peter Musebrink to deliver a minimalist groove spectacular for her version.

Ingrid Chavez

For the visuals of the clip, Chavez deports and cavorts herself stunningly throughout. Scenes cut quickly from the lady in silhouette talking the verse’s lyric, which breathe across the screen, to a red-lit hallway and then a bedroom where all manner of couples justify the love (or at least the lust) they seem to be feeling.

Our specific contribution in costuming here is our Plum Blossom Kimono, our Zip Tank Shirt, and our High Waisted Panty (and really, what’s a sexy video without a high waisted panty?)

Poet/songwriter/singer/visual artist Ingrid Chavez was aligned with Prince in the early ’90s, coming to be the “lyrical engine” co-writer off “Justify My Love.” As much as working with the dearly-departed purple one (Ingrid was cast as “Aura” in Prince’s Graffiti Bridge film), she has worked with Lenny Kravitz, David Sylvian, to name but a few.

I met Ingrid in Copenhagen, Denmark, at the Fetish Fashion Party there. Dawnamatrix was presenting a fashion show at the event, and among the many great people we got to hang with, this talented lady was one of them. We are so thrilled that these many years later, we had the opportunity to work with her. 

Ingrid Chavez “Justify My Love”

Ingrid’s video ‘drops’ tomorrow.

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