Minaj À Trois Breaks The Internet

It just might be possible that this time, latex clothing just could break the internet.


Whether or not Nicki Minaj’s new Paper Magazine cover story, “Minaj À Trois,” and its accompanying sexy cover shot will, Paper magazine declares on their Twitter feed, “BTW, this is our new cover. #BreakTheInternet.” There is no mistaking that the three Nicki’s getting close on the magazine’s cover and inside its pages is making news.

In the cover shot, one Nicki Minaj is seated, sporting long black hair, wearing pasties over her nipples, in high-waisted pink panties (are those latex?) with sparkly high boots. Her clone stands behind her, snaking a hand down across one breast of the seated Nicki and the other on her shoulder. She has pink hair and is wearing the same colored tight dress exposing her haunch. But it is the 3rd Nicki, kneeling on the floor in front of the seated one, who has already made the most news. She sports long blonde hair, black heels, is laying her head in a ‘loving aspect’ between the spread legs of her seated clone, aiming her jutting tongue outward. This Nicki sports a thong-backed black pleather leotard, though it could be latex as well.

Inside the magazine we see tre Minaj again, all around a tub and in bed. In those pictures there seems to be lots of Nicki Minaj latex moments as the trio is sporting what seems to be latex belts and boots.

As is said of all influential cultural moments, parody could be viewed as the sincerest form of how important the original source material is. If you look below you will see that Netflix’s Bojack Horseman have already taken a turn on Nicki’s new over.

Seeing that Kim Kardashian didn’t break anything on her own cover of this same magazine three years ago, Nicki Minaj will probably not break anything either. But the lady is certainly always upping the ante on what she might do and how she comes to wear latex and other alternate fashions to pretty much make our day.

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