Heidi Klum Spreads Her Butterfly Wings

Has somebody been peaking at new stuff from Dawnamatrix? Or is it that sexy butterfly designs are all the rage? None other than superstar model Heidi Klum dressed as a colorful, be-winged butterfly for her stepping out on 10/31 in New York City.

Heidi Klum Pre-Halloween Party Exclusive Photo Opp

Klum’s annual bash, this year presented at Tao Nightclub on Halloween night, is a must-be-seen-scene. Completely covering herself in blue and green, Klum sported an impressive semi-opaque wing span and antennas for this once-a-year bash that always seems to make the big blogs’ lists. And while 2014’s All Hallows saw Kim Kardashian sporting a body suit with a skeleton design rendered across it (reminding us of our own Cthulhu Catsuit), Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady headed out with their kids as a dragon family and Katy Pery managed to step out as a rather unimpressive Cheeto®, when it comes to celebs dressing as butterflies this year we were particularly interested. Butterfly’s lighted on our new Space and Time Collection, represented in a new bodysuit, corset, skirt and vest. It’s a style that interests more than just supermodels for Halloween.

Were the costumes on our American royalty for Halloween 2014 any more or less creative then times before? Who can say? Certainly in the modern age we are treated to pictures of it all. Instagram and Twitter posts get foisted on us all during any regular day, they were coming fast and furious during Halloween to be sure! We all were certainly ‘treated’ to what our favorite singer/actor/reality T.V. star wore for their 2014 trick and treating. Is this a good thing, too much of a good thing, or not a good thing at all, being let in to the every second of every inch of someone’s life, even when they are out trick and treating with their kids, that’s for each of us to determine.

But butterfly transformations take time, attention and skill, so our hat’s off to Heidi K. in that regard. It’s not easy for anyone, super model or regular Joe to sport such an intricate design.

We could have helped her with the wings, all she had to do was call.

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