Exploring every’thing’ at the Museum der Dinge

Ok, let’s talk about sex and latex clothing. Got your attention? Actually, what we all know well, is that there is eroticism, sensuality, in lots of things, not just in those texts we manage to our shmoopie bear, not only in those overly overt near daily Twitter pics of a Kim Kardashian or the latest video from a Nicki, or a Katy; not just in the clothes we wear. Especially for us lovers of a particular type of textile art, we are in tune to the fact that there is rich and beautiful eroticism in the world around us. Championing this cause is a current museum exhibition in Germany, at Berlin’s Museum der Dinge, called “The Eroticism Of Things” (Erotik der Dinge).

Surely, nudes adorning lighters, vases, and pictures would be considered erotic, but there are so many other artifacts that fall into the category of what is displayed at the Museum der Dinge. The exhibition here has as its base the collections of Magnus Hirschfeld, Alfred C. Kinsey, and Naomi Wilzig. All three very much studied, collected and considered objects, wardrobe and other items by how they fueled human thought and action. From everyday objects to specific items of pleasure, what Hirschfeld called “agents of love,” in many cases what is interesting about these pieces (‘interesting’=’sexy’) is as much the function and form of the thing in question, as from the material it is made.

We all know latex, leather, fur, etc., can make a thing, well…ya know?

As mentioned, there is indeed clothing on display here, as there are accessories-a good amount of interesting shoes actually-some specifically sexual, others not. The clothing colors and designs range from modern to steampunk to downright fetish. Also featured is stuff from the archive of the DWB or Deutsche Werkbund. This group of designers, artists and manufacturers began in the early 20th century, and were especially influential in modern architecture, particularly in the famous Bauhaus movement.

“The Eroticism Of Things” runs until August 27th, find more information here.

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