2018 Billboard Music Awards: Fashion, Inside and Out

Whether walking the red carpet or performing, sadly we must report that there was very little, if any at all, latex couture seen at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards held last Sunday. Hailing from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas this year, and seeing as this was a culture pop event we had hope that a celeb or two might lean towards wearing a catsuit or some other wardrobe piece we could consider in our wheel house. But alas, they kept to haute couture designers, free of any truly unusual textiles, in what they wore coming in to the show and even when on stage.

The lady who got closest to alt. fashion in any real sense on the red carper was Jennifer Lopez. On entering the BBMA’s, she was dressed in an open Roberto Cavalli top, bra and a leather skirt, with matching thigh high boots. All in maroon.

Dua Lipa’s went all purple in a Vauthier dress, gathered at a giant bow at her waist. For the men, Frankie Grande, Ariana’s bro, walked in wearing short black shorts, metallic silver blazer, matching sneakers and bow tie, while Khalid wore orange pants, plaid blazer and hoodie. And making the scene in the only real animal print of the night was Demi Lovato sportingd a leopard gown.

Although K-pop sensation BTS managed “Fake Love” amidst screams over their perfect choreography, dressed in slim jeans, leather pants with an occasional leather harness strap showing-a cool look to be sure-the most interesting looks were during the comeback moments and ‘older’ performers stepping up on stage. Janet Jackson (winning an Icon Award this night) wore a long gold shirt and matching thigh-high boots (with garters), running through “Nasty” and “Throb.” And Salt-N-Pepa, who were joined by En Vogue, wore spandex, black pants, and colorful flag jackets. Sandra Denton, “Pepa,” was dressed in the most eye-catching costume, a spandex jumpsuit, with an open front, and waist cincher.

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