Kim Kardashian Is On Fire

It’s been quite some time since we had a good Kim-Kardashian-out-and-about-in-a-hot-latex-outfit story. But give her time, and the super famous reality star always comes through for those of us who are her fans, lovers of latex or both.

Surely, post the Academy Awards, (at the Vanity Fair ‘After Party’ in fact) Kim’s half-sister Kendall Jenner garnered lots of attention in her revealing black Lurex velvet outfit. With its high-neck front, pieces tapering down to what amounted to little more than a loincloth look between Kendall’s perfect legs, she indeed sported one of the most amazing looks of the night…and at a party where there were indeed lots of wardrobe choices making statements.

But this week Kim was caught leaving Milk Studios in L.A. wearing bright red and orange latex that matched her new red hair color. She was in tight pants and a red and orange tank, and with her red locks, the lady was practically on fire.

Companies around the world make it their stock and trade to produce the luscious colors not to mention the designs we all know and love in our favorite latex pieces; it’s certainly not a black and white world anymore when it comes to latex skirts, tops, accessories, and lingerie even in the latex color and texture choices we offer. Celebrity or not, one can avail themselves of a wide array of eye-catching designs, textures, and color these days. We know all too well the statement a particular cut, texture as well as color can make and have worked hard to offer our own palette for bespoke choosing (see here).

As we remark every time a celebrity steps out in some stunning latex outfit or even sports a pair of latex pants, alt. couture lovers, makers, scenesters and even the casual fan is tickled with the recognition.

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