A Momoa Samoas

Sometimes the most outrageous (and downright fun) stories don’t come from some latex wardrobe display or racy celebrity controversy…and thank God. Sometimes all we have to do is sit back and let the kids of the world have their way, and we can be tickled, thrilled and maybe even take stock of what’s most important. Two weeks ago Girl Scout Charlotte Holmberg took her Samoas cookie selling to a ‘superhero’ extreme dream (selling thousands of boxes of them by the way) when she put a picture of a shirtless Aquaman Jason Momoa, on the side of her cookie box.

Not only was this a fantastic use of the hunky guy, but Momoa seems to love the idea. Coming into the Oscars last week, Momoa told ET that he certainly loves Girl Scout Cookies with his favorite seeming to be the Shortbreads…not the Samoas.

There are just so many wonderful little tidbits that make this story great. First that Holmberg made such good use of her budding entrepreneurial spirit (her mom helped her get the picture set right to the box). That Momoa, not only beautiful specimen that he is, is also a seemingly cool dude, taking his likeness appropriation in stride. But lastly, that in all the high-end celebrity gazing the red carpet of an award show engenders and through the fake, real and pretty much sad news we get daily from all our feeds, this story is just good-hearted, and has a little sweetness and fantastic fantasy figure in the mix.

Surely we are inundated with enough to keep us from smiling, and it’s good for a girl scout to remind us that fun never goes out of fashion. In the end, maybe it is about the fantasy our stars create for us, the dreams they engender (yes, even those dreams) and what we take from it all.

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