How Small Is Small Jacquemus?

Even in the great big world of latex wardrobe designing, we often take time out to consider accessories. Be they shoes, hats, masks, gloves, jewelry, and clutches, as any of us know, a good add on to your outfit can make or break a look. And over the years there have been some truly amazing, weird and wonderful pieces we have all seen, worn and considered. But one wonders how much influence on what we wear the new Jacquemus bags can have?
It’s not that the French-fashion designer doesn’t create truly beautiful bags. But in his fall 2019 presentation, designer Simon Porte Jacquemus gave his models very little indeed to show off. In red, white and orange the Jacquemus bags are just about big enough to hold, well, not much at all. But these aren’t the first tiny bags to make it to the market, Brandon Maxwell has produced mini accessories, and Jacquemus has other bags to offer of a smaller size.
These small bags are not so much about function (how could they be) as they are obviously an haute couture statement. Handing out his “Mini Chiquito” with as equally as tiny invitations, attendees entered a fictional village called Place Jacuemus, where colorful flowers and fresh-grown kiosk munchables abound, and all things are possible…mostly very small handbags, it seems.
There is no denying the line that exists between the fashion runway moment of a big show and the practical application of everyday wardrobe wearing. This is where the high-end of fashion has always opposed the layman’s (woman’s) needs. Even skirting the fetish wear world as one often does producing latex, we often see that which would be impossible to wear, somethings even damn hard to negotiate in an unusual event setting. All too often we have all found that which looks very sexy is not all that comfortable to wear or simply too outrageous for anything beyond a catwalk.

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