The Markle Effect Continues

The Force might be alive and well in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, although there wasn’t hide nor hare of a latex kimono anywhere in the movie. But most blogs are ‘alive’ this week with another installment of the phenomena known as, “The Markle Effect.”

It seems Meghan Markle and her very famous-and royal-consort Prince Harry released official engagement photos this week. Photographed in Windsor, at Frogmore House, the couple was as much showing off their smiles (and ring) as Meghan a Ralph & Russo dress. This $75,000 haute couture two-piece once again put the world in the shine of The Markle Effect.

The likes of Kim Kardashian and other celebrities are certainly royalty of a certain stripe in America. But when a UK Princess steps out or royal wives-to-be manage a quick Twitter snap, fashionistas follow the women with rabid attention (as they did always with Princess Diana, maybe the first royal woman of the modern age to garner this kind of attention.) The latest ladies here, Kate Middleton marrying Prince William, who gave rise to retailers with her own “Kate Effect,” and now Meghan Markle, are as much hounded as dissected for their wardrobe choices at every turn. And of course the designers of the women’s clothes are loving every second of the effect.

When Meghan and Harry attended the Invictus Games in September, the accessories she wore as much as her simple white shirt and jeans took the spotlight. Finlay and Co., the makers of the sunglasses Meghan wore that day, reported selling nearly 29,000 pairs in the next 24-hour period. The shoes, bag and shirt Meghan wore were also instant sellers.

Thus the Markle Effect began, even before the couple became engaged.

Red carpet photo ops at celebrity events and televised Hollywood award shows are certainly perfect opportunities for designers to show their latest across the bodies of our greatest. But nothing seems to effect the world like a royal lady.

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