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The PEOPLE Magazine Awards - Backstage And AudienceThis past week American fashion seems to be have run ‘in the black’…good and bad. Jennifer Aniston donned the classic LBD at the People Magazine Awards in L.A and was applauded for her fashion sense (and figure) in blog-o-sphere headlines and online pictures. While Kim Kardashian blasted her mom Kris Jenner for wearing her signature black, what the Kim called “Omish sh—t” outfits of late (she probably meant Amish, right?).

Beauty, no matter what color or cut it comes in, is certainly in the eye of the beholder…no matter who is beholding or being beheld.

Color and cut in hair and in fashion does seem to garner a lot of attention. As wearers of latex know very well, black in the common fetish wardrobe is ubiquitous, where color and texture of fantasy couture certainly takes a little more consideration. As our kimono styles have always been a signature of Dawnamatrix couture (see here) we also like to think that our choices of what colorful latex we use garners us distinction as well. We do not choose the type of latex we use or the colors we feature lightly, as we take years developing designs and textures.

Surely we are of fans of ‘classic black,’ how could any fetish designer or regular wearer of latex/PVC/leather/corsets, etc. not be? But we also feel that in the world of modern latex rendering and wearing, color is very important to us all, and we continue to champion it as we do new designs and textures.

But dressing ‘Omish’ as K.K. calls it? When one considers (as we show here) that with one of these black outfits Jenner sported long-sleeves with white cuffs (and a cute little collar), black tights and sexy lace-up boots maybe her daughter shouldn’t worry so much about her mom’s style choices.kris-jenner-hollwood-pilgrim-inline[1]

Like Jennifer Aniston Kris Jenner looks pretty damn sexy in her black.

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