The Week That Wasn’t: Kelly Clarkson, and Natalia Taylor Weigh-In With Their Own ‘Fake News’?

Social media, trending, viral content as much affect politics and culture, as it does our little pocket of the world with latex couture. This week a few trending stories came across our notice of things not precisely being what they seemed to be. First, we came across the news that Kelly Clarkson attended the 2020 …

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2019 Fashions, Part 2: The Couture Relevancy Of Greta Gerwig’s ‘Little Women’

Keeping with the theme of important fashion moments and trends of 2019—although this one is not about latex couture—a late-in-the-year entry is making current news. Greta Gerwig’s soon-to-be-released Little Women is being cited as much for its excellent movie story-telling as its relevant fashion. The film’s costume designer, Jacqueline Durran, has employed what is called “prairie trend” style (also …

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John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John: Grease Couture Redux

Although neither was wearing any latex couture, still, we can’t ignore that the costumes John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John wore at the finale of Grease iconic. In their matching leather jackets and John’s stunning (and tight) black silk leggings, when “Sandy” surprises “Danny” at the school fair at the end of the movie, she hits back at …

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Dawnamatrix In The Philadelphia Museum of Art book “Off the Wall: American Art to Wear.”

This article elaborates on WOW’s (The World Of Wearable Art) global importance in an academic context…and quite the global importance the competition holds. Our “Foreign Bodies” outfit, which was awarded the Overall International Design Award, International Award: Americas Winner at the WOW competition in 2018, makes an appearance in the book.  Designing bespoke latex, flattered …

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Savage x Fenty Premiers on Amazon Prime

Although we all certainly love or latex couture, one might not miss seeing our most favorite material in all that Rihanna gives us with her new Savage x Fenty collection. At the recent New York Fashion Week, Rihanna presented a dance-led show for her fashion line at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn.

Celebrating Photographer Icon Peter Lindbergh

Although more in the mainstream fashion world than the alternate couture one, famed photographer Peter Lindbergh, who died this week, captured all there was of clothes, the people who wore them, and even the times more than most of his contemporaries.

Taking our “Medicine” from Jennifer Lopez

As we well know, one person’s risqué is another person’s every day latex couture. Calling one thing ‘sexy’ or even ‘alternative’ is undoubtedly an eye-of-the-beholder distinction, but one might say that the brand new Jennifer Lopez video for her song “Medicine,” is rather damn hot…and reveals an amazing array of wild costumes.

Good Old Alt. Couture At The 2019 Grammys

All good things do indeed come to those who wait where latex couture and alternate wardrobe is concerned. This past Sunday the 2019 Grammys finally gave us what we have been hoping for in a prominent entertainment industry award show, lots of exciting wardrobe designs and wild textile art to salivate over.

Super Bowl LIII Couture?

One of the wildest spots and surely a crossover nobody saw coming was the marriage of Bud Light and “Game of Thrones.” Meeting in a jousting pitch, the Bud Knight was murdered last night by the GoT’s character “The Mountain.” If that wasn’t shocking (and hilarious) enough, all of the commercial’s spectators were burned to a crisp at the end by a dragon.

Angel Tears, Shawn Mendes and a $1 Million Bra

Also on hand were sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid (who did not walk last year) Lima, Elsa Hosk, Candice Swanepoel, Jasmine Tookes and many others. The lingerie and outfits the ladies modeled ranged from Gigi in floral tights, bra, shoes and a parachute-like floral train. In fact, quite often the models wore float-y, in some cases, even inflatable ‘banners,’ as much as wings this night.

What They Wore At The AMA’s

Taylor Swift came in a Balmain long-sleeve, high-neck reflective mini-dress with matching thigh highs boots. Tyra Banks sported a dress shirt, wide black belt (almost a cummerbund actually) and a Gucci red fringe skirt. Dua Lipa was in a classic floor-length white gown with pleaded train. And Cardi B, as we would expect, was dressed in an eye-catching ensemble. She wore a matching floral hat and slit dress with spaghetti straps. Hers was certainly one of the more colorful wardrobe choices of the evening

Gen Z yellow trend

But speaking of color choices and fashion, an overall top 2018 summer color choice has just been named. Yellow has been crowned the ‘new millennial pink’, touted as the color of choice for such fashion trenders like Meghan Markle, Kim Kardashian, and Amal Clooney (who wore a stunning yellow Stella McCartney to Meghan’s wedding) and host of other high-profile, fashion-influencing women.

Couture & Cars Fashion Show, 2018

For two years in a row now, we have had such a wonderful time showing our latex couture and meeting such fantastic people, at one of the premier mix cultural events, the Couture & Cars Fashion Show. Sure, we all know how sleek cars and sexy models have become a staple in our culture, more or less from the 50’s on up. But this show, held for the 2nd year at the LeMay-America’s Car Museum, set the whole idea of cars and fashion to a whole other level.

Dawnamatrix Says WOW Two Years In A Row!

We just received word that two Dawnamatrix outfits have been picked to be finalists at the 2018 World of WearableArtT Awards. This marks the second year in a row that we have participated in this global event and also the second time we have made the final nominations! Both out “Foreign Bodies” outfit has been selected to appear on stage in the WOW Awards Show as our “Lady Ethereal” garment.Ben and I are thrilled, to say the least

Pippa’s Dress

The blinding white gown sported both a price tag of £40,000 and a long delicate train, and Pippa augmented it by wearing a tiara and custom made veil. Marrying James Matthews at St. Marks Church this past Saturday, Kate’s wedding, as all aspects of her life, has enjoyed public attention ever since her sister married Prince William six years ago.

Battling Ageism in Fashion One Big Bushy Beard At A Time

We have seen celebrities and models like Lauren Hutten or a Helen Mirren fight ageism with recent fashion and accessory modeling campaigns. And certainly body image paradigms are being fought all the time (just this past year Sports Illustrated’s annual Swimsuit Issue featured not only featured its first plus size model on a cover-Ashley Graha-and another curvy lady, Nicola Griffin, who is 56 years old.)

Latex in Decay: Dawnamatrix meets James Kerwin

James has traveled widely to undisclosed and out-of-bounds locales capturing the decay of often stunning locations for nearly 3 years now. On one of these ‘typical’ outings recently James went out to shoot a series of images for designers in abandoned locations across Europe. In October 2015 this adventurous/adventuring photographer approached us to shoot our latex fashion design in some of these deserted locations. The stunning pictures you see here are the results from a weekend of image making, climbing and driving for James and his two models Jade Stacy Maria & Sadie Ann​.

KIKI Is Coming To Vogue For You

Very much how the infamous documentary Paris Is Burning did a quarter of a century ago, the KIKI story takes off now twenty five years later, revealing a group of young adults trying their best to develop a ‘safe space’ at their fashion and dance balls. The men who appeared in “Paris” were self-proclaimed drag queens, showing as much of their homemade frocks as they did their ability to vogue in ways Madonna could never have imaged (in fact Voguing house dancing began in the 80’s Harlem ballroom scene well before Madonna appropriated it for her 1990 hit and “Paris” featured it with such aplomb the same year); KIKI as much shows the evolution of voguing as it does delve deep into LGBT gender identity in the modern age.

Dawnamatrix @ Seattle Fashion Week 2016

Seattle’s fashion week showcases what we have always known, but have come to see on a daily basis now living in the Pacific Northwest: there is an impressive cluster of local designers in this area of the U.S. creating unique pieces for a very discerning clientele. Yes, rain proof and warmth are big concerns with couture here, but seeing that Seattle is #8 in the Top 20 US Metros for Fashion Designers, one could guess that people here have come to expect a lot more than just warmth and staying dry in what they wear.

Celebrating Photographer Mary Ellen Mark

Moving from her home state of Pennsylvania to NYC in the mid 60’s, Mark chronicled lots of the city’s social ills in the last half of the decade and beyond. As much a photographer as documentarian filmmaker, with her husband director Martin Bell she created the much celebrated (and Academy Award nominated) film Streetwise, a movie that chronicled three decades of a crack-addicted prostitute and was indicative of those ‘tougher’ subjects Mark was interested in (Streetwise actually began as photographic expose Mark was commissioned to shoot for Life magazine.)

Post Holiday Festive Latex?

Have you survived the eight days? Did you manage to get through the nog and the cookies? Gearing up for Kwanzaa? Did you happen to catch The Hobbit: The Battle Of Five Armies or Take Five? Tuckered out from all the visiting and gift exchanging? Did you steel your courage and actually venture to the mall? Surely, the last thing you might be thinking about right now is squeezing yourself into our or a pair of ,but that festive feeling swirling around you still should always be present in your latex wardrobe choices.

Dawnamatrix @ The Boston Latino Fashion Expo

At the Boston Latino Fashion Expo we had the singular pleasure of presenting what we felt (and were told later) was a truly unique couture line, thrilled that our new Space and Time Collection found the warm reception that it did. Let’s face it, Latex Couture is not not everyone’s taste, and to see our latest wares garner such positive reaction, far and away from the likes of a Montreal Fetish Weekend or the like, is very heartening indeed.