Latex in 2024?

In two blogs we posted across the past two weeks, we had some fun looking back at the alternative fashions of 2023 and noting latex couture’s consistent infiltration into modern couture. A day before the New Year now, it might be a good idea to predict some trends, alternative fashion or not, coming. We plucked from Glamour, Style Caster and a few more to get a good idea of what might be coming.

No Pants? No Worry.

There seemed to be a trend made popular by many a celebrity and model in 2023, to appear down red carpets or at affairs, pant-less. Regardless of one’s gender, the trouser-free look seems to have gained traction from Italian fashion house Miu Miu’s Paris Fashion Week, especially made popular by The Crown actor Corwin who walked for the design house as well as when they attended various other public outings.

Micro Hems

Possibly following the same aeshstic (or not?) it seems the “mod” style of the 1960’s, specifically very short hemlines, were seen on models walking for the Spring 2024 lines of Gucci, Chanel, and Tom Ford. As with any prediction, we can’t rightly know if the micro hem will take the world at large come 2024, but there has always been interest in mini’s and mirco’s, even in the latex world (see here).

Time To Get Sleazy?

The term “Indie sleaze,” came to prominence last year. It’s a style in complete contrast with bright and fun Y2K fashions, that takes from the grunge look that took the Emo scene at the beginning of the century. Torn tights, oversized tops, even smudged eyeliner is part of this style.

Think early Kesha.

Hello Granny

One of Pinterest’s trend predictions for the new year is the “eclectic grandpa” aesthetic. The gender-neutral style involves layering collared shirts under sweaters, accessorizing with patterned socks, loafers, and retro streetwear. Will grandpacore give Barbicore a run for its money? Will either survive the summer?

Latex trends for 2024?

Who can rightly say where our favorite textile will take the world in 2024. Surely, we see latex accessorizes, mix and matched latex pieces with other textiles and full latex wardrobes beyond a rap diva’s video or cosplay dress up. As seems to have been the way in the past few years, latex designs, textures and colors can only increase in variety and as everything seems to be, we are sure AI tech will influence the business of latex design and rendering. We just know that latex fashion is here to stay and will be paving a path into 2024 as it has been doing so, thankfully, these past few years.

Once again, we wish everyone the happiest and healthiest of 2024…and beyond.

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