Here, There And Everywhere They Wear…Latex

It’s just so much fun delving into the latex fashion scene around our home studio…and indeed, some spots we even manage to get to across the USA. You might recall the Dawnamatrix fashion show at the recent Dallas Fetish Ball. Then there are those instances where we get to contribute off the continent, as we did recently to the Sukeban Japanese pro wrestling group and at the various WOW shows we have appeared (and won at) over the past few years. Below, we reach close to our home with some American celebs as well as other well-known folks working in other countries, to also report on some wonderful latex wearing far and wide.

Seeing as Marvin Magazine describes itself as having “A PUNK ROCK MESSIANIC VISION FOR THE FUTURE,” it’s no surprise to find country musician Orville Peck and Noah Cyrus wearing some wild latex couture in the most recent issue of the magazine. Peck is wearing a black latex jacket and trench and accessorizing with latex gloves. Cyrus wears a dress sporting a short train with a high neck. She accessorizes with latex opera gloves.

James Pereira shot their pictures.

Brazilian TV personality Sabrina Sato presented an award at Latin America’s eSport award show Prêmio eSports Brasil. She wore a floor-length pink late gown. Like Cyrus, she accessorized with opera gloves (the same color as the dress) and a latex headscarf, not an accessory we see all that often in latex fashion, but one we can appreciate.

Indian actor Janhvi Kapoor, currently enjoying over 23 million followers on Instagram, posted some new pictures on the platform today. Dressed in an all-red latex, high-neck, curve-hugging creation, the 26-year-old indeed gives any Kardashian (especially Kim, who her post responders have been quick to compare her to from these new pics) couture competition. 

Here, there and everywhere, we seem to find some latex these days.

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