The Amazing Latez Stylings of Le Robó una Rosa

We certainly have seen where the intersection of latex couture and filmmaking has made for some scrumptious results. From superhero movies, to crime noir, to high fashion turns you can find our most famous textile across plenty of modern visual splendor. But we might be hard-pressed to find this marriage producing anything as sexy and dangerous as the new short fashion film directed by Joel Palmer for the independent production company Serious People. The movie, “Le Robó una Rosa” (see it here) is filled to the brim with latex clothing adding as much to the costuming as the crimes played out in this short.

British latex brand MMLatex has partnered once again with Luis De Javier (they did so on De Javier’s Spring Summe 204 collection) to outfit the stunning array of talent in this short hypnotic film. The actors here include Yves Tumor, De Javier, Dangerous Rose, and someone well known to latex couture, and mainstream films, Julia Fox. With sudden trips into animation, a sure amount of pulsating rhythms, off-strip motels sets, swirling casino lights, and more latex outfits than you have probably seen in one film in a very long time, we follow the casino heist/betrayal that is this movie’s heart to its dangerous end.

It’s not only Fox who wears latex here—seen as she is in shorts, boots, trenches, tops, gloves and clear masks—but there is a stunning moment where Fox disposes of a body in a latex body bag as much as the pieces the main lady leader, Dangerous Rose, wears.

Mention should be made for the sartorial crew here, as the wardrobe choices and over all look of the characters are that arresting and essential to the story. In addition to those mentioned above stylists on “Le Robó una Rosa” are Peri Rosenzweig and Nick Royal at Hardstyle, with hair by Charlie le Mindu and makeup up my Kali Kennedy.

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