Here Comes The…Latex Bride 2024

According to this article, it isn’t too early to consider bridal trends for 2024, but we didn’t see any mention of latex couture in the mix. Of course, we have you covered with our favorite textile always in the running for your special day (mentioned at the end of this blog). 

According to the above article, the significant seven trends in bridal fashions for this year will be pink (as if Barbiecore didn’t have enough influence on fashion last year), gowns sporting pearl embellishments, capes and veils being as popular an accessory as ever, asymmetrical styles taking the form of off-the-shoulder dresses, very small choo-choos—as in very small trains on bridal gowns—and some 80s styles making a comeback.  

Are any of the above what you have been considering, or now that you read this, might prompt a change of heart for what you have planned? Being in the latex design business as long as we have, and indeed when it comes to making bespoke latex wedding dresses as we have and do, we find a bride’s wishes can beat trends every time. And while it’s impossible not to be influenced by what’s happening around us, and brides surely like to keep current, when it comes to bridal fashions (even fashions for grooms), we find requests run the gambit.

Nobody knows how far above and beyond what is currently popular or predicted a lady or man might take the couture for their special day And this is doubly true for those brides, bridesmaids, grooms, best men and maids, and matrons of honor who consider, and will wear, the ultimate in alternate wedding fashions…latex couture.

In this case, the seven above trends listed by MSN need to be taken with a grain of salt…or rice. Whether you are looking for a latex accessory, an entire bridal wardrobe, or a pink dress on your special day, the only trend that matters, is the one you want to wear. 

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