The Costumes Of Christina Aquilera’s New Vegas Residency

No, sorry there was no latex, but in her new Las Vegas residency, Christina Aguilera manages an amazing array of startling costume changes in her 90-minute show.

43-year-old Xtina debuted her new Vegas stay the last day of the year, at what is considered the more intimate surroundings of the Voltaire Belle de Nuit theatre (seating only one thousand). Located inside the Venetian Resort, Aquilera’s aesthetic here is said to feature a “key-hole-themed state that brings mystery and magic.” She seems to accomplish this as much with her couture as the velvet upholstery, brass and purples and reds seen in the smaller theatre space.

Managing ten costume changes during her set Aquilera began by singing “Not Myself Tonight” standing high atop a red mountain of a gown. From there it was a black strapless PVC one piece. A halter-neck ‘nude’ bodysuit. A sky-blue dress with dangerously high front slits, the dress actually lighting up. A glittery mini. A bespoke black feathered Mugler catsuit. A silver midi dress that she wore sitting on a diamond-shaped chair to sing John Barry and Don Black’s 1971 Bond theme “Diamonds Are Forever.” And a sequin bodysuit.

Her long rosette cape is surely one of the most startling costumes of the night.

Accessorizing with black or white thigh high boots, sunglasses, jackets and capes what stylist Chris Horan here has picked for Aquilera surely makes for a sartorial journey as much as a musical one. But then again, this is Las Vegas, and this is Christina Aquilera, would we have expected anything less? Competing with U2 and their state-of-visual-art Sphere experience and high-wire acts up and down the strip, costuming, sound and surely building a clearly defined artistic aesthetic for an hour and a half, is what the Aquilera fan is coming to experience.

And seemingly, getting.

This is where you can get tickets and find out more information on the show: Christina Aguilera | The Venetian Resort Las Vegas (

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