Erika Jayne Does It Again…and Again

Hard as it is to ignore the plethora of Real Housewives shows foisted upon us, we can’t ignore even more Erika Jayne’s love of latex.

As mentioned in one of our most recent blogs, the singer-star recently legally-entangled blonde housewife of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has a sure penchant for our most favorite textile. In the episode airing this week, we finally got to really see her much-talked-about Barbicore-pink latex one-piece, plus Jayne wearing a black latex outfit to a “Magic Mike” show in Las Vegas, where the women went on this episode. 

Before, during, and after this episode, the net has surely noticed Jayne’s couture choices.

Here, Erika Jayne Stuns In A Mini Latex Dress At The 2021 MTV Movie & TV Awards – is a mention of the blue latex dress and trench Jayne wore when she appeared at the 2021 MTV Movie & TV Awards: Unscripted show. This article, Inappropriate Outfits Erika Jayne Has Been Caught Wearing (, is about all her alternative styles (what the article calls ‘inappropriate’) through the years. This last, Erika Jayne Shows Off Svelte Figure in Full Latex (, covers her most recent appearance in that bright pink latex one piece, with her co-star Kylie Richards as much saying the 49-year-old looked like a real-life Barbie as asking how Jayne sat in the form-fitting piece for eight hours, the time it takes for the housewives to tape their reaction to past footage of the show for what are called ‘confessionals.’ These solo pieces of film featuring each housewife are then broken up into snippets and shown throughout the series as individual comments on whatever action is taking place in the episode at the moment; a sure highlight of the whole process for fans and stars alike.

The main takeaway though is that Erika Jayne loves her latex…and she damn well has a body that looks great in the second-skin material.

We will no doubt see more of her in some latex couture.

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