Vogue Weighs In On The Popularity Of Latex In 2023

As we’ve been championing for years now, and this article appearing on Vogue’s website this week declares, “Celebrities Agree: Latex Fashion Is Here to Stay.”

Reading our blog, you will see evidence of Vogue’s title bearing fruit, but their new piece by Hannah Jackson indeed proves the point. Jackson traces our favorite textile’s beginnings from its invention in 1834, when it was used as a protective material in gas masks, gloves, and boots, to how latex became the go-to alt. fashion of the fetish set to how it is a common material now in haute couture as well as bespoke items and street fashion. Jackson mentiones latex wardrobe items such as bodycon latex dresses and gloves as some of what we all wear presently.

She goes on to tell us about and show the usual modern, well-known suspects we have seen in latex couture wore this year. From Lady Gaga (of course), Emma Watson, Kim Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner. Then, as we can always expect from a venerable fashion institution like Vogue, there are stunning Getty Image pics of the famous in some of their latex wardrobe choices for 2023. 

Shown in the article: Salma Hayek at the Met Gala wearing a cherry Gucci latex dress, the latest Wonka, Timothée Chalamet wearing a Matrix-like black latex trench in Japan to kick off his new movie’s press tour, and Madonna herself, a sure pop fashion icon who has made so much of wearing latex, seen out and about matching her full-length latex gloves with a furry stole. 

And who can forget Sam Smith’s puffed-up suit at the Brit Awards? 

Yes, latex ‘here to stay.’ Yes, it is a favorite material of our better-known. Yes, it is the damn sexiest material you can wiggle your curves into. And yes, it comes in many colors, styles, and wardrobe items.

Thanks, Vogue, for weighing in on latex for this year.

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