What Should We Do About Dolly Parton…Not A Damn Thing!

It’s not enough that we saw her rockin’ the stage at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Awards wearing a latex catsuit. And that right now, she is enjoying a popularity surge in a half-a-century plus career, a career that’s been pretty much unmatched by any other singer/songwriter. But now the pros and cons are being leveled at Dolly Parton’s costume choice for her performance at the halftime show Thanksgiving Day at the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Commanders face-off.

And she is owning her sartorial choice as Dolly Parton always does.

The American music legend took the stage mid-field wearing her take on the iconic Dallas Cheerleader Outfit (a wardrobe as much loved as maligned). Dolly perfectly fit into the uniform of a blue bra top, white vest with blue stars, and matching white shorts. For her specific turn, Dolly wore a sparkling bodysuit underneath the vest and shorts sporting a silver star over her belly button.

This all should not have come as any surprise, knowing Dolly and the fact that pictures were posted all week, with her standing amongst the Dallas cheerleaders and wearing lots of sparkly blue and white outfits before her performance. In a case of, ‘Yes, she damn well can, so why the hell she shouldn’t she?’ the 77-year-old singer as much belted out “9 to 5” as her cover of “We Are the Champions” and “We Will Rock You.” And as she always does, she ‘owned’ her look and performance.

Dolly Parton is currently celebrating the fact that her new album Rockstar has earned the distinction of being her highest-charting LP of all of her forty-nine studio releases. The album debuted at number three on the Billboard 200 chart. Once again, the lady born as far from the music world as one could get is defying the odds and dressing/singing/performing in her unique way.

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