Yes, That Was Latex You Saw At The 2023 Billboard Music Awards

For the first time held in several live venues across California, with stars also appearing from remote “global locations,” Sunday’s 2023 Billboard Music Awards did actually give us some latex. We seem to report about award show couture ad infinitum here, hoping to see some latex wardrobe or at least something we’d all classify as alternative couture. Last Sunday, we did indeed get a peek at a celebrity wearing both.

We have been hungering for a good show of our favorite textile, seeing as the past few award shows have yet to give us all that much latex culture. And granted, Sunday night, we were only treated to one latex dress (more on this in a bit), but there were other wardrobe turns worth noting.

As one could expect with an award show happening so close to Christmas, the Queen of the season herself, Maria Carey, appeared in an outfit paying homage to her yuletide hit, “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” She wore a white pleated mini with crystal trim and fur-accented sleeves, and in a nod to an even earlier fashion accessory, she wore thigh-high white boots.

On the other end of the spectrum was Bebe Rexha in a black strapless corset gown two-piece accessorizing with nail gloves. Anne Wilson wore denim cow print, and Tate McRae was in a white tank with a black kilt, equally black boots, chokers, and rings. And Mike Tyson went casual in black but accessorized with a pair of red and black boxing gloves.

These gloves are from his Tyson Pro line.

But it was Colombian singer-songwriter Karol G who brought the latex this night. She wore a ‘nude’ beige two-piece latex ensemble with brown accents running across and around the top and bottom. Simply perfect, sexy…and all latex.

See, we do get out due.

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