Summer Latex Colors

For this summer coming and for any other season…latex colors are IN!

Which Is The Scarlet Witch Wearing?

here might not be any latex in the below story, but there is indeed “a lot to unpack,” as the kids say over the most recent iteration of Marvel’s Scarlet Witch.

2022 Comic-Con International, Returns!

Beyond the hang, the daily alternative fashion shows that more or less occur on the convention’s main floor, and the massive dealer room filled to the brim with memorabilia, Funko’s, and new gaming offerings, there are plenty of events/panels and studio previews with celebrity panels planned.

Julia Fox, Latex Or Not?

Any nod to latex, even if it is in error, I guess we need to be happy with, and certainly Julia Fox, more than most, has been wearing creations we love…latex or not.

Regencycore And Praising The Latex Corset

Indeed, the costumers, actors, and those cosplayers playing with Regencycore are not likely to pick a latex corset if they are looking for a true historical read on their sartorial choices.

Big $, Classic Comic: Marvel Victorious

Comic creators, and certainly their fans, don’t forget their history. And, as we see from this story, some fans will indeed pay a princely sum for what they love.

What’s Batgirl Going To Be Wearing?

This latest photo of Batgirl, posted from Glasgow, also showed Batgirl wearing goggles, the first time we have seen this accessory yet.

Moon Knight!

Marc Spector/aka Moon Knight, suffers from multiple personality disorders and other mental illnesses and in the comics about him, his costumes have mirrored that fracture.

Cultural couture 2021

Lil Nas X’s trotted out blood red and black latex, leather, and smoking hot dancing for his “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” and Camila Cabello’s super colorful, sometimes 70’s style-vibe in “Don’t Go Yet.”

New Year, New Styles, New Latex?

At Dawnamatrix, we’ve upgraded our laser cutter, so we look forward to showing you a new collection in 2022, and as always, we are always looking to reach out beyond and above all we can imagine.

Dojo Cat Crosses Space And Time

Some time ago, Dawnamatrix blasted off into the galaxy with our Space and Time Collection (see here). It seems that Pierre Louis-Auvray has the universe on his mind as well. And Dojo Cat found her love of the cosmos this week, posting a picture of herself wiggled into a meshed galaxy Pierre Louis-Auvray ‘bodycon’ long sleeve dress.

Al Might Be Napping, But The Styles Didn’t Disappoint at the 78th Golden Globe Awards

Although Cynthia Erivo’s shoes were, without a doubt, fantastic, alternative, and probably more than slightly dangerous to walk in, Laura Dern certainly brought her A-game when it came to her shoe wear. Wearing a tailored Givenchy pantsuit/tux, the Twin Peaks/Big Little Lies actress accessorized in pumps with sharp pointy toes and metallic silver studs all around them.

WW84 Couture

Anticipating the usual PVC, latex, and the classic semi-skirt, sleeveless chest-plate, and boots, cosplayers and fans of the newly released Wonder Woman 1984, might be in for a surprise when it comes to the movie’s costumes. Yes, the superhero/bad guy duds are in abundance, but one could argue that costume designer Lindy Hemming brings even …


mourning Chadwick Boseman

Chadwick Boseman, known for starring in the movies, 42, Get on Up and of course, playing King T’Challa in Black Panther, died this week at the age of 43

DC FanDome, Part 1: Hall of Heroes

Cosplayers, fantasy game role-players, movie magic lovers, superhero fans, and latex costume lovers unite today for the first part of the super streaming DC fan event, DCFANDOME. An online experience boasting a deep dive into DC, this global free event is truly unprecedented, the very best result of how we have come to enjoy ‘live’ …



Fans of the fantastic are wondering how (even if) precisely they might experience the usual round of cosplayers, latex costume wearers, and rabid anime players at this year’s “Comic-Con@Home.” The grand-daddy San Diego Comic-Con International is taking place digitally this year (and for free) happening the same weekend as it usually did at San Diego’s …


The Very ‘FashionAble’ Animal Crossing: New Horizons

With our attention on latex fashions and alternative wardrobe styles, we’re often reporting on stories about movies, celebrities, and music. Seemingly every day, there comes an Instagram picture of a Kardashian rocking some cool new outfit or a ‘dropped’ video featuring some luscious fetish look. And even though the latest spate of superhero movies might …


Badass Gals: Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)

The action here kicks off with Quinn cutting her cotton-candy colored hair over her break up with the Joker. Seeking other ‘unfulfilled’ women, Harley Quinn amasses a gang around her; Jurnee Smollett-Bell as “Black Canary,” Rosie Perez playing “Renee Montoya,” Mary Elizabeth Winstead as “Huntress,” (‘accessorizing’ with her crossbow) and Ella Jay Basco as “Cassandra Cain.”

Halloween Costumes For 2017

As always, Halloween will prove to be a wild romp for kids of all ages. So enjoy, be safe and dress-up as much as you dare.

The shiny latex chicken or textured latex egg…which comes first, and who cares?

With the rise in popularity of cable series like Game Of Thrones, the consistent startling and tireless work of cosplayers who just love to be in the spotlight, and fashionistas as much asking for, as responding to uniquely rendered latex couture, it’s a heady thing sometimes considering: is it the latex clad chicken or the shiny textured latex egg that comes first in what we do? Time and again we’re as much riding a culture zeitgeist as we are tickling an idea that pops forth from our imagination and acumen just before it seems to play large across the media landscape.