Julia Fox, Latex Or Not?

Julia Fox is known for stepping out in fantastic couture, and she did just that this week, wearing what seemed to be a red latex two-piece at the wrap party for her upcoming film, “The Trainer.”

What made us stand up and take notice of Fox (other than the fact that she looked so incredibly sexy) is that the wardrobe here is a smashing two-piece shiny ensemble consisting of a long-sleeve crop top with a low-cut square neckline, dramatic built-in puff sleeves and a matching floor-length skirt with a scrunched waistline, sporting a center slit up its back. The “Uncut Gems” star accessorized with full-length gloves, knee-high boots, and a silver metallic clutch. 

Notice thought, the ‘seemed to be’ in the first sentence of this blog. My Spidey-sense is telling me this outfit (see it here) might just be PVC or stretch vinyl. Something about the drape and shine, the presence of stitched seams, it might actually be why we’ve never seen something like this. Latex designers, cosplayers, and even the casual alt. couture fan have surely come to realize that lots of bloggers, even supposed fashion reporters, are calling any shiny material, latex. I have seen this error made with some of what Julia Fox herself has worn on occasion.

Certainly, this young lady’s wardrobe history has had her stepping out often in our favorite textile a time or two. There were her two separate looks during Milan Fashion Week; a black latex micro-mini and a red latex top under a leather trench; then, later, she wore a latex skirt with black straps with gold hardware with an equally black latex top featuring a chest cut-out. As seems to be her way, the lady once again accessorized her wardrobe with latex gloves.

Then there was her appearance at the NYC premiere of “The Batman” just a few months ago. This time wearing a cartoon image on her metallic mini over a high neck black latex bodysuit all under a black latex trench…and again latex gloves.

Any nod to latex, even if it is in error, I guess we need to be happy with. And certainly Julia Fox, more than most, has been wearing creations we love…latex or not.

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