From Vera Wang’s Mouth To A Latex Wedding Dress

And by ‘fashion expression,’ do you think Vera Wang means latex?

In this new piece, the famous fashion designer spoke to the online portal “The Insider” about wedding fashions and her Vera Wang x The Knot collection, which will now include wedding invitations. During the talk, Wang expounded as much on invitations: “Invitations are the first public statement you make as a couple,” as modern dress couture: “I always think women look their best when they’re comfortable.”

Wang continued about the ‘fashion expression’ many brides are revealing when wearing one press to rehearsal, their wedding gown, and sometimes a whole other wardrobe for the wedding after-party.

Saying she’s always: “Encouraging people to be creative, to be free, to feel inventive and not being judged for it, I think that’s what makes fashion to be bridal fashion,” Wang figures these days, anything is possible for wedding couture.

Creating our latex wedding gowns as we have, we have always encouraged brides to be as “free” and “inventive” as possible. And with the June bride season just about upon us, as we do every year, we wonder just what we might see in the fashion expression brides might show this year. 

Trending presently in traditional wedding dress couture for this year and next are floral prints, shorter hemlines (perfect for after-parties), blue coloring over white, and even bridal suits. But beyond this, we say why not peruse the creative that Wang espouses and consider an alt. wedding dress made of latex, or the myriad of other textiles one can get a dress made of these days.

Considering bespoke orders as we do so often, brides coming to Dawnamatrix for a wedding dress is as much a welcomed circumstance as it is, becoming more common by the day.

We are just happy Vera Wang has finally caught up with us.


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