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A latex march down the New York Stock Exchange floor?
Yes, you read the first line and the title of this blog correctly. The trading floor of the famous Stock Exchange served as a runway during the quiet that usually descends on the location on a Sunday. A bunch of models, covered pretty much head-to-toe in latex bodysuits, were featured in a see-and-be-scene above and beyond even the most creative haute couture fashion show locations of the past. Over these bodysuits, the models wore wardrobe pieces from various collections—Garde-Robe, Eveningwear—and Balenciaga’s collaboration with adidas.
It was Balenciaga’s creative director Demna Gvasalia’s idea to encase models in black latex, render them faceless and have them strut down the stock exchange floor. As Demna’s first time showing in America, it was important to make a statement and commenting on the masked models, he said, “the idea of fashion erasing the identity of people today. Everybody jumps on [a trend] and ends up looking the same.” As to why he introduced alt./fetish wear at the iconic money/stock battlefield, he quipped: “money is probably the biggest fetish in the world.”

Balenciaga New York Stock Exchange Latex

Adding to this idea of the importance of money, guests for this show were given a stack of Balenciaga branded 100s as an invitation.
The Garde Robe line that the anonymous models showed off features wardrobe pieces of “elevated cuts, sharp finishing, and luxe materials.” Eveningwear is an update of formal attire like bodycon gowns, reconstructed tuxedos, and long trenches sporting trains. That Balenciaga/adidas collab includes shoes and other accessories, all featuring one of two types of logos with the Balenciaga name featured on each item in the iconic lowercase typeface adidas is known for.
There was a pop of color at the very end with models sporting neon-glowing braids, showing off colorful tracksuits. But overall, this was a black latex event that can’t be denied.

Balenciaga New York Stock Exchange Ending

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