The shiny latex chicken or textured latex egg…which comes first, and who cares?

_MG_5188-webAll clothing designers like to think their wares could influence a cultural seed change; latex clothing slipping ever further into mainstream wardrobe consciousness is one of our ultimate hopes to be sure. But we never really know without either taking the pulse of an alternate fashion show crowd, or talking to our clients exactly how effective our designs might be. Yes, we see more and more Dawnamatrix pieces used in films and T.V. shows these days, but we often wonder who is influencing who in what we bring to the public…and if in the end, if it even matters really.

In the pictures you see here (photographs by TzR) Swedish beauty Kya Wolfwritten models our dragon scale textured latex (specifically Kya wears a Dragon Scale Halter). We had the opportunity to recently work with Kya at the Dominatrix event Amsterdam, and are thrilled having been able to. But beyond the superb modeling Kya executes, one sees the teeter-totter influence (if you will allow) of this specifically textured latex.

With the rise in popularity of cable series like Game Of Thrones, the consistent startling and tireless work of cosplayers who just love to be in the spotlight, and fashionistas as much asking for, as responding to uniquely rendered latex couture, it’s a heady thing to consider: is it the latex clad chicken or the shiny textured latex egg that comes first in what we do? Time and again we’re as much riding a culture zeitgeist as we are tickling an idea that pops forth from our imagination and acumen just before it seems to play large across the media landscape.

Really, why, where, when…none of any of this matters if we feel we are consistently doing good work, get positive feedback from our friends and customers and can keep working with talented people like Kya and TzR._MG_5197-web