The End Of Marquis Magazine

mam63Certainly, we see latex clothing pushing ever stronger into the mainstream these days. Phenomena like Fifty Shades Of Grey or even the latest outfit Kendall Jenner might be wearing gives alternate concerns/and couture ever greater attention…and as San Diego Comic-Con grows ever closer the world will yet again get some good eye-candy view of hard working cosplayers (and we have just the jacket for it). But for the most part ours is still a small community of folks, albeit a global one to be sure, who enjoy wearing latex clothing and attending events to show off and play. When one of our own closes shop, as Germany’s Marquis Magazine is, we all feel the repercussions.

Marquis No. 63 will be the last issue of the beautiful glossy published by Peter Czernich. Begun in 1994, Peter and his wife Bianca led the charge for all things fetish, fun and alternately fashionable but with the couple unfortunately splitting now (after 21 years together) Czernich’s heart simply is not into publishing the magazine any further.

The Marquis brand has been sold (though there is no buyer for the magazine as of yet) but Peter C. will still be involved in the catalogue, showroom and events concerning Marquis Fashion plans. Czernich will also keep up his photographic work and publishing his own books.

Currently there are magazines like Beau-Nu, Vogue even (all of which we have contributed to) that feature fantasy clothing, and then there is Skin Two for the truly fetish and of course, Von Gutenberg Magazine, the only fashion/lifestyle magazine devoted entirely to latex (and one we have been involved with through many issues…even their new one). But we will miss Marquis, a consistent, wild and super-charged ‘voice’ from Germany, where one could view models in the absolutely widest outfits and read about folks, just like us all, working and playing ‘out there.’




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