Yummy Gummy Latex gives Dawnamatrix a ‘shout out’ in The Fetishistas.com

TheFetishistas-Cover-Yummy-Gummy-Designers-Dawnamatrix-03There wouldn’t be much good in designing and making latex clothing…without the latex to make it with. It is very important that the high-grade materials we come to use match our exacting standards; our customers have come to expect nothing less from Dawnamatrix Designs. And seeing that often we require specific textures and colors that won’t ever run or fade, we are even more discerning in our needs. One of these latex suppliers who not only meet but exceed or exacting standards time and again, Yummy Gummy Latex, is profiled in The Fetishistas.com this week and they even managed to give us a glowing ‘shout out.’

Rebecca Allsop, launched Yummy Gummy in 2013 to offer designers handcrafted latex sheets. The Yummy Gummy wares are especially perfect for a designer interested in multi-colors and patterns, which we are and find ever harder to find. Rebecca (a working model as well) and her partner Sam introduced swirls, textures, florals, sparkles into the Y.G. collection within the last year…and as you have seen by many of our newer designs we have exploited their work to the max!

In the article in question (see it here) Rebeca has this to say about us:

“But it’s also working with other designers that fuels her creativity and passion, and that too has provided some of her proudest moments, such as when designers halfway around the world like Dawn Mostow of Dawnamatrix  buy her work.”

To be so highly regarded by a contemporary we not only work with but think so highly of in return is very touching indeed. As you will see here with our Marbled Underwire Gown we have put Yummy Gummy latex to good use.

We send a hearty loving thank you to Yummy Gummy for making what we do all that much better because of their continued commitment to the artistry of what they do.

See what Yummy Gummy does here: https://www.yummygummylatex.com/




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1 thought on “Yummy Gummy Latex gives Dawnamatrix a ‘shout out’ in The Fetishistas.com”

  1. Thanks for drawing attention to The Fetishistas’ current cover interview with Rebecca Allsop of Yummy Gummy, in which she expresses pride in having Dawnamatrix as a trade customer. As editor of The Fetishistas and a big fan of the work of both companies, I was delighted to be able to highlight this successful collaboration. Anyone who wants to read the full interview with Rebecca can find it here.

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