It Ain’t Got That Latex Swing, Without Wonderful Models Doing Their Thing

Meadow for web cropped-3You know how it is creating latex fantasies. We as much have to imagine, then render the clothes we do, as much as set-up photo shoots and runway showings where our wardrobe pieces, latex accessories and alternate couture can best be shown to the public. Surely, once a catsuit or a pair of leggings are slipped on up a guy or girl we’re confident that they will be pleased with our Dawnamatrix wares, but still, we got to get the bod into the clothes…and we can only do this by showing them off on a bod in the first place!

In the case of this recent photoshoot-and the pictures here stand as evidence-we are ever so lucky to have such powerful and statuesque models on our team showing off our outfits so wonderfully.

Modes Anne Ashe (she is the brunette) and Meadow Bosworth (blonde) had their hair and makeup done by Jessie Campbell, for a shoot by the wonderful Paul Allan. Anne is modeling our Butterfly Mermaid Gown, Meadow one of our classic underwire bras and dragon fin collar.

Paul captured our garments with superb color and clarity. The lean lines of the ladies are certainly on display, as is their poise and obvious comfortableness in latex.

The butterfly design here that Anne is modeling is our newest from that line, the gown featuring custom poured latex wings cascading against a marble latex backdrop. Incorporating rich colors into latex couture has always been one of the main tenants of what we do here at Dawnamatrix Designs. That we can feature such lusciousness contours with delicate butterfly designs into our recent releases tickles us even further. A classic underwire bra goes far (as most of us know) but with a striking dragon fin collar, the look is high fashion fun….and we think Meadow pulls of the ‘tude perfectly.Anne for web-3

We thank Paul, Jessie, Anne and Meadow for their professionalism and for making our latex look so great.

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