Burlesque Fashion introduces more European fans to Dawnamatrix

blog-dawnamatrix-designs-08With our friends/co-workers Yummy Gummy having recently won the European Fetish Award for Best Idea/Start-Up in Berlin at the German Fetish Ball we can say with certainty that Germany knows its latex clothing. So you can bet we were honored to have an entire article written about the Dawnamatrix brand on the German-based Burlesque Fashion site: https://www.burlesque-fashion.com/2015/latex-creations-of-dawnamatrix-overcome-time-and-space/.

There are just some cities/countries/cultures known for their alternative couture and wild lifestyle aplomb. One could never deny San Francisco’s reputation for all things to left-of-the-mainstream (some might even say ‘kinky’); the anime and cosplay influence one gets searching Japanese wardrobe artistry and media is unmatched; time-honored traditions of naughty cabaret outfits and attitudes influencing modern day stars even now came right from German cities like Berlin. Surely, each place has its own little niche for the fetish-y and unusual-and God knows we all want to get out and explore the globe for these places-but there really are specific contributions (in the past as well as the present) certain cities/cultures/countries give to the particular penchant we all seem to share.

Leading off with a great big picture featuring our Butterfly Skirt and Butterfly Corset (we led off with that pic as well here) and featuring lots of our wares, this Burlesque Fashion article is a flattering piece of journalism we couldn’t have written better ourselves!

Creating our art in America, a big open country landmass to say the least, one can all too easily forget how Europe is a great grand patchwork of so many countries huddled together across their own big landmass. To be introduced like this to so many different people from so many different cultures at one time is thrilling to be sure…and a bit humbling.

There is a great big world out there we have experienced just a hint of so far and as should be apparent from this wonderful bio piece, Dawnamatrix is looking ever beyond our own four walls to connect with as many folks, from anywhere on the globe, that we can.

Thank you Burlesque Fashion for taking the time to get to know us.

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