Careful With Your Latex…and other clothing as well

Cthulhu_Catsuit2Wearing latex clothing on even a semi-regular basis, one becomes aware of the delicate maneuvering and constant care that should be applied when taking fashionable turns in alternate wardrobe pieces. How about the times you’ve been at an event or party, maybe just slipped out to dance for the evening in your brand new latex catsuit, and suddenly realize you are sweating beyond all measure that you ever thought you would or had even a kinky desire to? Ever put a fingernail through a seam or snap, or realized you did not lube your bottom enough to get that particular pair of pants up over you? Dressing in anything other than the most breathable cotton, encasing yourself in masks or long shawls and drapes, one need be aware of one’s limitations and comfort just as much as how damn sexy one looks and what parts we want to reveal.

This week saw some actual real mishaps from folks not paying attention to their clothing.

A 35 year old Australian woman actually landed in the hospital-for four days!-because her ‘skinny jeans’ cut off blood supply to her calf muscles…and she collapsed. The hospital staff had to cut the jeans off of the lady who suffered ‘compression’ of two major nerves in her lower leg. Much like any person indulging in the fine art of corsetry, one must be extremely careful when restricting any part of the body for prolonged periods of time, intentionally or not.

In other fashion mishap related news, Lululemon is recalling over three hundred thousand of their women’s tops. It seems the draw cords of the tops-elastic cords with metal or plastic hard ends-have injured enough wearers’ faces and eyes, or became caught on something they have passed…and then snapped back, to cause the recall.

Two years ago Lululemon Athletica Inc. had to recall yoga pants after complaints that the material used in their construction was either too sheer or ‘pilling” and/or splitting at the seams.

As much as latex aficionados are always cautioned to keep themselves hydrated during late night dance reveries, one need be aware when they are wiggling into pants too tight for them or wearing anything where something hard could flip-up into one’s face that in many cases with what we put on our bodies (and certainly in the cases above), it is often a case of ‘wearer beware.’


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